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Print PDFThe foregoing analysis of the constraints of the development of small-scale business in the formal sector tends to suggest that ‘collateral‘ encourages lending for unproductive uses and causes shortage of equity which is a chronic and critical problem for SSB financing. In many cases the equity of the entrepreneur is financed by loans from relatives and friends, or from moneylenders. Equity financing is undoubtedly a high risk area requiring  

Print PDFAlmost all Islamic countries at different stages of economic growth are categorized as ‘less developed’. About 80 percent of the Muslim population lives in low income countries and a vast majority live in the most depressed regions of the world. Apart from other characteristic features of developing countries, Muslims in Islamic countries and also those living as cultural minorities in other countries, share a relatively higher incidence of poverty,  

Print PDFIqbal et.al. (1998) distinguish two models of Islamic banks based on the structure of the assets.[1] The first is the two-tier mudarabah model that replaces interest by profit-sharing (PS) modes on both liability and asset sides of the bank. In particular, in this model all assets are financed by PS modes of financing (mudarabah). This model of Islamic banking will also take up the role of an investment intermediary,  

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